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To buy any of the books written by Charles Demers, go here.

To book Charlie Demers for a live stand-up performance, talk to this guy.

To have Charles Demers do voice-acting for your cartoon (both wacky & non-wacky), speak to these good people.

To speak to the literary agent of Charles Demers, here ye be.

American, you say? And want Charles Demers to write a script for you? Look no further than these people.

Interested in Charlie Demers’s Juno-nominated comedy album “Fatherland” from 604 Records? It’s right there.

Are you compelled to overthrow capitalism, mostly via listening to monthly socialist book club podcasts? Here’s Well Reds, hosted by you guessed who (Charles Demers).

To see the stand-up track "Taco Nazi," animated by the good people at Atomic Cartoons, click here.

To read a very intermittently updated blog, check it out, bro!